Data Quality re-defined.
Access. Trust. Distribute.

Tikean is a cutting edge data management platform, enabling data quality, data accessibility and control of your critical data assets. Tikean empowers You to make fast, clear and precise decisions for enhanced corporate performance.

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Fast and Futurious

Purpose built Data management
  • Fast setup, intuitive use, suitable for Business users
  • Visual rule wizard - understood and operated by Business
  • Iterative data quality improvement

Instant access for data stakeholders
  • Superfast data browser
  • Common features for data search, report builds and subscriptions, external data validations etc.
  • Support for continuous processes

Adapts to your business process and requirements
  • Dynamic data source definitions and data modeling
  • Process-based
  • Flexible for tailoring

Supports your Strategy and Business initiatives

Tikean offers companies a lean approach to form and maintain daily Data Governance operations – including features for Data accessibility, Data Quality, Ownerships and Data Catalogues.

Tikean provides the best-practices for creating and maintaining data quality across your business ecosystem, offering high value for any company function via faster daily operations and lowered quality costs.

Tikean Data Quality Solution Areas

These are the features you'll get access to when subscribing to
Tikean Data Quality SaaS

Data Modeling and Ingestion

Dynamic data modeling makes it easy to provision any data domain to Tikean Data Quality Solution. Rich feature set supports merging data from multiple origins and legacy systems into domain views.

Efficient Queries and Data Views

Superfast data queries with no technical skills needed. Combine data from multiple origins into shareable and re-usable views.

Reference Data

Maintain and distribute corporate reference data throughout the corporate functions, using Tikean Reference Data solution.

Reporting and Dashboards

Create and maintain meaningful reports, share and distribute with selected audiences. Provide visual insights for fast decision making on corporate functions.  

Business Rule Wizard

Validate and deploy data rules to support fluent business processes. Support for iterative quality approach with intuitive and simple user interface.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Tikean supports commonly used corporate authentication methods and standards. Control data visibility according to corporate policies.


Meet the compliance requirements with trusted data analysis and insights. Validate the corporate data asset accuracy and timeliness for e.g. GDPR regulation capability.

Data Quality Ownership

Deploy and Maintain Data Governance specific ownerships to your data assets. Subscribe selected datasets and error reports for the respective stakeholders.

Powerful Data Validation

Target data driven business rules to provide continuous corporate data quality details and metrics. Ingest and validate also temporary (e.g. migration) data sources against corporate data rules.


  • Faster decision making
  • Operational cost reduction
  • Supports process optimization
  • Enables faster time to market
  • Promotes Management Control
  • Regulatory compliance (e.g. GDPR, IFRS)
  • Organizational alignment
  • IT cost reduction
  • Employee satisfaction

Unbelievably Fast to Deploy.
No coding skills required.

Tikean is quick, even hasty to deploy and measurable value can be expected in less than 7 days.

Tikean is genuinely configurable by the Corporate Admins and Key Users - no coders needed to create data models, quality rules or data reports.
The service can be run either in full SaaS mode or in your Azure subscription.

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